About Us

Providing golfers of all abilities with the highest quality and most affordable glove

At Ace Golf, we strive to deliver the highest quality professional grade Cabretta leather golf gloves to golfers of all levels. Combining comfort, quality, feel and durability, our classic style gloves rival and beat any current players-grade glove in quality and price.

How are we different?

Designed in Melbourne, we seek to provide the highest quality leather in a classic style at the lowest price. Unlike many other golf glove companies, we oversee the entire production from leather tanning to glove production. This results in our ability to hand select the finest grade leather. By bypassing the golf stores we are able to sell direct to consumers online and reduce costs.

Ahead of the game

We pioneered the invention of the golf glove wallet and zip-lock packaging to make your gloves last longer. Now, we are the FIRST and ONLY company in the world to offer a glove customisation experience with NO MINIMUMS and NO SETUP FEES.